Do you have trouble focusing on your work? Are distractions slowing you down?

If so, a new background sound generator called might be able to help.

Studies show that ambient background music may promote better performance on cognitive tasks. Likewise, researchers found that natural sounds, such as waves crashing on a beach, can help listeners concentrate.

And allows you to combine both ambient noise and nature sounds to build your own focus-boosting soundscapes.

Background noise generator

The noise generator is easy to use. Simply select the audio loops you want to hear, and adjust the volume (using the slider controls) as needed.

You’ll notice there are six images. They represent the following:

  • Music. The first sound is an ambient drone. It features major key washes and swells that are distinct enough to be interesting without becoming distracting.
  • Rain. This thunderstorm track is dynamic, including moments of a light sprinkle, a rumbling downpour, and just about everything in between.
  • Birds. Craving the wilderness but can’t get away? Just switch on the this forest-like loop. It’s a peaceful mix of birdsongs and wind โ€” you can almost smell the minty scent of mountain conifers!
  • Water. The sound of running water is both relaxing and refreshing. This particular clip brings to mind a gentle creek. Note: Weaker bladders may want to skip this track. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Night. If you’ve ever slept outdoors, you know the night usually isn’t very quiet. It’s full of cricket chirps, frog croaks, and other curious sounds. This track replicates that soothing experience.
  • Ocean. Ah, the sound of crashing waves โ€” is there anything more therapeutic? Listen closely, and you might even hear a seagull or two.

As you can see, goes beyond traditional white noise machines. It delivers an immersive auditory experience, perfect for both meditating and increasing productivity.

From day one, Music for Makers has existed to help creators create more stuff โ€” whether that be videos, podcasts, video games, or something else. And is simply an extension of that same mission. So I hope you find it useful!

Focused. Zen. The zone. Flow state.

Whatever you call it, can help you get there.