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A funny thing happens when you build something that attracts creative people: Those people come to you with creative ideas—often ideas about ways to work together.

At least that’s been my experience with Music for Makers. And one such creative person is Paula Jenkins, life coach and podcaster at Jump Start Your Joy.

Paula reached out to me soon after signing up for Music for Makers. We chatted for a bit before she asked if I’d like to be a guest on her show.

And that happened.

Listen to our discussion on creativity, side projects, and, of course, finding joy. And stick around until the end to hear a Music for Makers song (and a get a discount code for the Pro subscription)! 😉

Listen to the podcast now

Paula’s doing some really inspirational work. I encourage you to keep up with her podcast—it’s a great way to inject a little joy into your life every week. (And we could all use more joy, right?)

After Paula interviewed me, I wanted to ask her a few questions. So let’s get to it.

Paula Jenkins sitting at desk

1. Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Paula Jenkins, and I’m a life coach and podcaster at Jump Start Your Joy. My practice and my podcast are both about transformation. I get to explore and celebrate the stories of people who make a choice to fight for their happiness and joy and life’s purpose, even when it seems like the hardest choice out there.

2. How did you get started with podcasting?

I’ve had a running list of people I’d like to collaborate with for several years, which was funny because for the longest time, there was no obvious reason to be making such a list. Over the past few years, before I became an entrepreneur, I had a really long commute, and enjoyed listening to podcasts as I drove or took BART to work.

At the same time, I was in a life coach certification program and really loved speaking with people, and wanted to find a format where I could interview folks. And I was really drawn to the topic of joy. I put my love of the medium together with my interest in interviewing people, and Jump Start Your Joy was born.

3. What’s a typical day (or week) on the job look like for you?

I’m only four weeks into being an full-time life coach, so it feels pretty new. But I’ve gotten into a pattern of checking emails and doing admin tasks each morning.

Mondays are my edit days for the podcasts, with the show going up around midnight on Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning I focus on my promotion of the show. I take client calls on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I’m also a mentor coach this year, and spend a few hours a week with that. Fridays are my taping days, and I tend to batch two or more interviews on the same day.

And because I have a family and five-year-old son, I also have been taking a break from work starting at about 4:30 pm each day, but picking back up each night. It’s been fun seeing what feels right.

4. When it comes to making, what’s one thing (e.g., process, tool, program) you couldn’t live without?

Audacity. I edit my podcasts with it, and it would be impossible to have a show without it. If you’ll let me pick a second one, I’d say Google Calendar. It’s the unseen backbone of the Jump Start Your Joy operation.

5. What are your top considerations when selecting and adding music to your podcasts?

For my theme song, it had to be light, airy, feminine, and happy. My brand is about joy, and I wanted that to be reflected in my music. I’ve used some other music in episodes, too—for a meditation I pulled a track that has soothing tones, with no actual melody, and I’ve used another track to tie together input from callers. That one was of acoustic guitar.

6. Of all your podcast episodes so far, which one are you most proud of (and why)?

Episode 20 with Danny Wood (of New Kids on the Block) is something I’m pretty proud of, partly because it stretched me as a podcaster, “creator,” and interviewer, and because Danny’s story is so inspiring. It also leveraged a lot of what I used to do in advertising and web production, and in a way that felt totally authentic and heartfelt. Danny was releasing his new album, “Look at Me,” and agreed to a 15 minute interview, for which I was totally grateful.

My show is usually 45 minutes, and I wanted to find a creative way to extend the run time. I know that the New Kids still have an amazing fan base, so I reached out to several “Blockheads” on Instagram who were big fans of Danny’s. I set up Speakpipe on my website, and seven of them called in to record a message of how Danny (who has created a foundation—Remember Betty, named after his mother—to support breast cancer patients) has inspired them.

The show is a very sweet tribute to Danny, his mother Betty, and the fans. In the interview, Danny shared “I learned, there’s a lyric in the song ‘Hold On,’ ‘You’ve got to remember what we’ve gained.’ And it’s kind of like, through loss and tragedy you can sometimes gain beautiful things.” I asked if I could play that song in the episode, and he gave me the rights to do so.

So it was this beautiful win for everyone involved. He was one of my first big name guests, and he really opened up with me and shared about both the joys and the sorrows of having lost his mother to breast cancer. The fans got to get involved, too, and really shared touching stories about their lives.

I’m really proud of how it turned out because the episode encapsulates what I set out to do with the show. It shares the stories of people who fight really hard for happiness in their lives, even when it’s hard, and even when they’ve encountered something overwhelming difficult. The director of Danny’s foundation shared with me that I’d asked questions she had never heard before, which blew me away.

It was also really special getting to meet new people; the Blockheads are warm and welcoming, and I’ve stayed in touch with a bunch of them.

7. How to you find inspiration and grow your creativity?

Inspiration comes from lots of places. I do a lot of reading, mostly on starting a business and life coaching right now. Instagram is my thing, and I have found guests and fans of Danny Wood there, along with a really cool community.

My fellow coaches and my own mastermind also provide a lot of inspiration, as does my five-year-old son (who had a big hand in the TRex Tuesdays episode). It’s also been super helpful to be in a couple of Facebook groups that focus on podcasting, and getting to ask questions there.

8. What are your plans for the future?

Near-term, finding a sponsor for my podcast, and growing my coaching business. For the podcast, I want to have Boy George, Liz Gilbert, and Ram Dass on this year.

Long-term, I have a book I want to write, and I want to get back to leading retreats, both online and in person.

9. Where can we find you/your work online?

My website is, and you can also find me on:

Just for fun, what’s your workspace look like?

Here’s the Jump Start Your Joy HQ—a cozy corner of my kitchen.

Laptop and flowers on desk

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