Do you need stock music on a monthly basis? As a Music for Makers Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to:

  • Download up to five songs every month.
    Choose from our library of quality tracks. If you use up your five download credits, you’ll still be able to purchase music under the Standard pricing plan and your credits will reset the next month. (Note: Unused credits do not carry over.)
  • Save as much as $18 per song.
    Compared to our Standard pricing, you could save up to $90 every month by upgrading. So Plus quickly pays for itself. Not bad, eh? (If you like savings, be sure to check out the Pro subscription, too!)
  • Enjoy our no-hassle music license.
    You’ll have the freedom to use the music you download every month virtually however you want, as many times as you want, forever. Seriously. Because licensing stock music shouldn’t suck.

Music for Makers Plus

5 Song Downloads Every Month
100% Royalty-Free License
Premium Audio Quality
No Attribution Required
Diverse Genres and Moods
Copyright-Cleared (Safe for YouTube)


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