Sourcing stock music should be easier, right?

Let’s not sugarcoat it.

First you have to actually find the music. So you scour hundreds (if not thousands) of mediocre tracks, hoping to eventually unearth what you need — that needle in the haystack.

But then you’ve got to consider license details and decipher cryptic legal lingo. Can the track be used in commercial projects? Will you have to pay royalties? Are you required to credit the song creator?

And even if you overcome these hurdles, you’ve still got to face the biggest obstacle of all: price. Licensing songs from production music libraries can cost anywhere from $15 to $150 (or more) — per track.


After you’ve invested inordinate amounts of time, energy, and money to make an amazing video, do you really want to do all that work and fork out that much cash for one song?

There’s a better solution.


Unlock 85 (and Counting!) Quality Songs at Once

Pro subscribers get unrestricted access to our entire library of royalty-free tracks. The best part? We add new music weekly.


Music for Makers Pro library

Discover Tracks with Ease

You can sort songs by genre and mood and search by details like BPM or instruments. So finding the right music is easy as pie (and arguably sweeter, too).

Enjoy Unlimited Downloads

Easily stream and download any track. Then use our songs however you want, as many times as you need, forever. Simple.

Music for Makers song page
Royalty-free Music Composer

Connect with the Composer

Most royalty-free music is sold by third parties. But here, you’ll work directly with the music composer. So your requests and concerns will be heard.


The (Amazing) Free Benefits Still Apply

Pro subscribers also get all the same perks that come with the free email subscription: original, copyright-cleared music, a painless, royalty-free license, and total freedom to use songs in personal and commercial projects.


Here’s What a Few Creative Folks Said

I just subscribed for a year...You can download whatever you want. It's really great.

Brilliant...I could see this being really, really valuable. Great discovery.
It's great to find music that I can use without busting my client's budget or mine!

It's been a godsend of us as we've started our production music library out there by far!

Get 85+ Songs Now with One Click

Ready to make your videos more professional without the hassles of traditional stock music licensing? Now you can — for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.


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