Sugar Plum Jangle

Add a little spice to your holiday project with “Sugar Plum Jangle.” This piano-driven number features Christmas song standbys, including sleigh-bells, orchestral accompaniment, and a bright melody. But an energetic hip-hop beat puts the catchy tune in a genre all its own.

Bump in the Night

Equal parts mischievous and sinister, “Bump in the Night” features strings, brass, flute, and a host of haunting noises to spookify your project.

Morning Miracle

Rich in sound and spirit, “Morning Miracle” is a glorious arrangement that’s particularly well-suited for Christmas-related projects. Use this cheerful song’s multiple progressions and build-ups to give your audience the gifts of joy and wonder.

Season of Cheer

“Season of Cheer” features the trademarks of traditional Christmas music. Piano, upright bass, epic orchestration, acoustic guitar, a 3/4 time signature, and, of course, sleigh bells — this song has it all. Use it to inject your project with a little holiday cheer.

Light Up the Night

Lift spirits with this holiday-inspired pop track. Acoustic instruments give “Light Up the Night” a warm, organic sound, while sleigh bells add a hint of Christmas joy.

A Walk in the Park

“A Walk in the Park” opens with haunting electric chord organ, toy piano, and sporadic percussion before acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, and chorus-style vocals enter to establish the song’s melody.