Thanks for Playing

What do you get when you mix a bold beat, flute, and Transformer sounds? The laid back yet eclectic tune that is “Thanks for Playing.” As a seamless loop, this track will accommodate a wide range of projects.

Now the Work Begins

Driven by an easygoing picking pattern, “Now the Work Begins” offers a joyous, bustling arrangement of acoustic instruments. Use this track to give your project an uplifting vibe.

Darkest Before Dawn

“Darkest Before Dawn” begins with a slow, lonely mix of acoustic guitar, slide guitar, and harmonica. But then it transforms into a bright, upbeat folk arrangement featuring banjo, hand percussion, drums, and more. Could be useful if you’re trying to juxtapose two scenes with a single song.

End of an Age

Inspired by the conflicting emotions associated with change, “End of an Age” is at once both uplifting and heartbreaking. The song follows a 3/4 time signature and gradually escalates with electric guitar, mandolin, drums, strings, bass, and accordion. In the end, things settle back down and close out with an ambient vibe.

Lonesome Trails

Ready to ride? “Lonesome Trails” song borrows elements from Western film music—acoustic guitar, mandolin, brass, accordion and so on—to inspire feelings adventure and uncertainty.

The End

Opening with a dark theme driven by acoustic guitar and piano, “The End” builds in momentum with accordion, organ, mandolin, and bass. Halfway through, the time signature changes from 4/4 to 3/4, and the song closes out with dramatic chorus-style vocals and violin.