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Follow these video marketing blogs to keep up with important trends, learn production best practices, and maximize your success.

It’s been a big year for video. Time and time again, we’ve witnessed the medium’s heavy influence on the digital marketing landscape.

For example:

  • Instagram released Live Videos and Stories
  • Facebook’s algorithm began favoring video — especially live video
  • Pinterest introduced Promoted Videos
  • LinkedIn launched Influencer Videos
  • Twitter lengthened maximum video duration to 140 seconds
  • YouTube added support for 4K resolution and HDR video

And these are just a few of the milestones we’ve seen.

Though I can’t predict the future, I imagine preference for (and prevalence of) video content is only going to grow.

How will you keep up?

Well, for starters, you could follow leading video marketing blogs. Those on the frontier of online video. The gurus, news-breakers, and early adopters.

And if you need a little help determining who these fine folks are, you’re about to learn about my four favorites.

Why only four? Surely, I could create a much larger list.

But few of us have time to read dozens of blogs, right? So I’ve distilled my recommendations to a handful of blogs I consider “must reads” for anyone pursuing a career in video marketing — virtually all the content published by these generous souls is worth your time and attention.

And in a world where anyone can publish anything, that means something.

Wistia Video Marketing Blog


The creator of a robust video hosting platform, Wistia serves businesses that want to dive deep into video analytics, share footage privately, or have more control over how media players look and function (among many other things).

I’m a fan of Wistia’s platform. But the company’s value extends far beyond a slick video player.

The Wistia blog offers guidance on everything from smart marketing strategies to video production best practices. And I think you’ll find most of the content to be interesting and useful, regardless of your current level of experience with video.

Work on your skills with Wistia »

SproutVideo Video Marketing Blog


The second blog I want to share with you happens to be produced by another video hosting platform: SproutVideo.

I wrote a guest post for SproutVideo back in 2016. And ever since, I’ve been subscribed to the blog, receiving one insightful post weekly.

In addition to teaching the essentials of video creation and marketing, SproutVideo delivers timely tips about video trends.

Grow with SproutVideo »

Buffer Social Media Marketing Blog


You may know Buffer for its easy-to-use social media scheduling app. But the company also dishes out some seriously valuable digital marketing advice on a regular basis.

I’ve been following the blog for several years now. And lately, I’ve noticed a new emphasis on video (correlating with Buffer’s increased support for video platforms).

The Buffer blog is a rich resource, whether you are looking for quick facts about breaking industry news or need recommendations for how to strategically share you videos to various social networks.

Get better with Buffer »

Social Media Examiner Blog

Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner blog covers the basics of video marketing on — wait for it — social media.

Featuring interviews of influencers and actionable advice from seasoned professionals, the blog is particularly helpful if you’re relatively new to video marketing.

The SME team also occasionally writes about new social network features and handy video creation tools.

Read you some Social Media Examiner »

Need another video marketing blog to follow?

I hope you enjoying reading these blogs as much as I do. And if you’re new here, consider poking around my own blog »


About the author: Logan is the founder of (and musician behind) Music for Makers — a simpler, more affordable music licensing solution for people who make videos, podcasts, and other creative stuff.