Sourcing royalty-free music for your creative projects should be easier, don’t you think?

Just consider the typical scenario…

First, you have to actually find the music. So you listen through thousands of tracks, hoping to eventually locate what you’re looking for — that needle in the haystack.

Then, assuming you find a suitable song, you have to read through license restrictions and decipher cryptic legal lingo to make sure you can, in fact, use it.

Can I use the track in commercial projects? Will I have to pay royalties? Am I required to credit the song creator?

You, trying to find music for your project

And if you overcome these obstacles, you’re often rewarded with a hefty price tag. Licensing just one decent song from a major royalty-free music library can cost hundreds of dollars.

It’s almost as though the traditional music licensing process was designed to discourage you from making stuff.

Creativity shouldn’t be complicated

That’s a founding principle of Music for Makers. It’s the reason we:

  • Created a 100% copyright-cleared catalog (i.e., no need to sweat the legal stuff) of authentic, high-quality songs
  • Offer a straightforward royalty-free license that you don’t need a law degree to understand
  • Give you total freedom to use our songs in virtually any project — including those you get paid for

In effect, we set out to simplify music licensing for modern creators like yourself. Because our passion is making it a little easier for you to pursue yours.

Ready to leave your music licensing woes behind?