We live in an exciting time. The power to create amazing stuff is in our hands. To an extent, I mean that quite literally—smartphones are insanely powerful.

But more figuratively, I’m saying that now is the age of the maker because, thanks to technology, the barrier to entry is remarkably low.

More people than ever are producing videos, building games, recording podcasts, and so on.

I’m one of them. I’m guessing you are, too.

Most recently, I’ve started to explore the world of video and animation. And in the process, I’ve learned something that probably won’t surprise you: finding quality music to use in commercial projects is tough—and often pretty expensive.

That’s problematic, because many projects (read: vlogs, indie games, social media videos, etc.) don’t have the budget to license songs. It’s just not practical. Besides, licenses aren’t fun to deal with. Let’s be honest. (And we’re makers, not lawyers, right?)

I felt like there had to be a better solution. But after a lot of research, I couldn’t find one.

So in the spirit of making, I decided to build the solution by writing, performing and recording one original song—and then giving it away—every week.

Sign up, and you’ll get access to free songs—songs that you can use in any way you see fit. And you’ll never have any headaches with copyrights. You’ll never have to pay license fees. And you won’t even have to credit me or the website (unless you just want to).

Long story short, I made Music for Makers because I’m a maker. (Say that five times fast.) And as a maker, I was frustrated with the lack of good, free stock music. So I’m doing something about it.

Coming with me?

  • Great stuff, Logan! I joined two weeks ago, but I’m already blown away by the quality of what you are providing here for free. One question that I couldn’t find answered anywhere else on the site- will there be a way for those of us who came late to the party to access/download previous week’s free releases? I’ve picked up Effervescent and Unsettle and I really want to see what else you have released! Thanks again and keep up the great work.

    • Hey, Aaron. Thanks for commenting—I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the music so far!

      Regarding your (perfectly-timed) question: yes, you can download all the songs I’ve sent in the past with the new Music for Makers Pro subscription. I literally just launched it. ?

      You can learn more here: https://musicformakers.com/pro

      Or if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them.

      Thanks again!

  • Jake Bedard

    With a name like Polymath Digital, will you be sneaking in any AI created tracks?

    • Hey, Jake. Right now, I’ve got no plans to incorporate AI.

      Only human-made tunes here. ?

  • Zander B

    Hello, Logan!
    Just signed up for the free account! The songs I got right away were just what I was looking for!
    There were a few other songs in the catalog that I had wanted to use. I, unfortunately, am too poor for a $100 yearly subscription. In the future, once things pick up some more, would you be moving anywhere near a monthly/credit-based system? The audio is good for remixing and I’d love to come back for more once some of my projects pick up.

    • Hey, Zander. Thanks for signing up, and welcome aboard — I’m glad to hear you liked the free, “thanks for joining” songs!

      At this time, I don’t have any official plans to move to a monthly or credit-based system. But if I ever do, such options will likely cost more — in the grand scheme of things — than the annual subscription.

      After all, the Pro subscription is less than $9 a month. And as I write this, there are nearly 50 songs in the catalog. If you’re doing the math at home, that comes out to about $2 per song. Not bad in my book. ?

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • I always love a discovery like this! Nice work Logan!

  • Cardjitsu33

    I have e-mailed you about this before, but I’ll say it here- on SoundCloud I am featuring music from this site every Monday, along with the usual Creative Commons tracks every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can see what I have posted so far HERE:

    Let me know if everything is done correctly (i.e. How should I specify everything?).

    Thank you for your time!

    P.S. Ignore the old name.

    • Hey — I’m afraid this violates the license agreement. I don’t have many rules, but one important one is you can’t redistribute my music in its original form. (See footer for details.) So please take the songs off Soundcloud.

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you have any questions — thanks.

      • Cardjitsu33

        Fine, it’s done. However I did share it to other Social Medias (the links to the songs, they won’t do anything anymore, just look stupid), but I cannot access them for now. It’s not re-distributing since there really isn’t anything there, just a link that doesn’t work. However then I have a question- why is there a SoundCloud profile for Music For Makers? (https://soundcloud.com/musicformakers) There’s nothing there, which is why I did it in the first place. Whatever, I’ll look at the bright side that I get those finite minutes back.

        • There’s a Music for Makers Soundcloud account because I used to preview my songs with Soundcloud players. Now that I have my own audio players, I no longer use Soundcloud.

          Thank you for your understanding and compliance!

          • Cardjitsu33

            OK, so can I ask a sort of off-topic question?
            As a music Creator and (I’m assuming) a listener, I want your opinion- what do you think of this track (I combined two songs using an online tool, both songs are royalty free, I know for a fact):

            I mean I think it’s good, and it’s staying up either way, I just wanted to get your opinion on it, if that’s OK.


  • Oscar Curiel

    so….can I use your music in a video that I will sell?

    • Yep.

      Really, the only thing you can’t do is sell the music as-is (by itself). Adding it to a video and selling the video is fine.

      • Oscar Curiel

        Great..!!! Thank you logan and great music..!!

  • That’s awesome. Thank you.