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How to Add Music to Your Videos for Free

YouTubers upload one hour of video every second.* One hour. And that’s just on YouTube. Meanwhile, footage is flying around at an equally nauseating pace on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. Here’s what that means for you, dear content creator: You’ve got to do whatever you can to make your videos soar above the ocean of online […]

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8 Awesome Sources for Free, Royalty-Free Video

Do you need a particular video clip but don’t have the time or resources to shoot it yourself? Royalty-free stock footage may be the answer. And if you’re working on a project with a small budget, you might be interested to learn that there are a number of websites offering free royalty-free stock footage. Because, you know, free is pretty […]

4 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Video Marketer in 2017

It’s been a big year for video. Time and time again, we’ve witnessed the medium’s heavy influence on the digital marketing landscape. For example: Instagram released Live Videos and Stories Facebook’s algorithm began favoring video — especially live video Pinterest introduced Promoted Videos LinkedIn launched Influencer Videos Twitter lengthened maximum video duration to 140 seconds YouTube added […]

How to Boost Video Watch Time Using Cliffhangers

Holding your audience’s attention has never been more difficult. In the age of cat GIFs, trending hashtags, and instant knowledge, people expect entertainment and immediate gratification. And if you… Wait, don’t go! But seriously, 55 percent of people spend fewer than 15 seconds on any given web page, according to TIME. And that seems generous compared […]