We live in an exciting time. The power to create amazing stuff is in our hands. To an extent, I mean that quite literally — smartphones are insanely powerful.

But more figuratively, I’m saying that now is the age of the maker because, thanks to technology, the barrier to entry is remarkably low.

More people than ever are producing videos, building games, recording podcasts, and so on.

I’m one of them. I’m guessing you are, too.

Most recently, I’ve started to explore the world of video and animation. And in the process, I’ve learned something that probably won’t surprise you: finding quality music to use in commercial projects is tough — and often pretty expensive.

That’s problematic, because many projects (e.g., vlogs, indie games, social media videos) don’t have the budget to license songs. It’s just not practical.

Besides, licenses aren’t fun to deal with. Let’s be honest. And we’re makers, not lawyers, right?

I felt like there had to be a better solution. But after a lot of research, I couldn’t find one.

So in the spirit of making, I decided to build the solution by writing, performing, and recording one original song — and then giving it away — every week.

You can use my music pretty much however you want. And you’ll never have any headaches with copyrights. You’ll never have to pay license fees. And you won’t even have to credit me or the website (unless you just want to).

Long story short, I made Music for Makers because I’m a maker. And as a maker, I was frustrated with the lack of good, free stock music. So I’m doing something about it.

Coming with me?