Sourcing royalty-free music for your creative projects should be easier, don’t you think?

I mean, just consider the typical scenario…

First, you have to actually find the music. So you listen through thousands of tracks, hoping to eventually locate what you’re looking for — that needle in the haystack.

Then, assuming you find a suitable song, you have to read through license restrictions and decipher cryptic legal lingo to make sure you can, in fact, use it.

May the track be used in commercial projects? Will you have to pay royalties? Are you required to credit the song creator?

And if you overcome these obstacles, you’re often rewarded with a hefty price tag. (Yay!) Licensing just one decent song from a major royalty-free music library can cost hundreds of dollars.

It’s almost as though the traditional music licensing process was designed to discourage you from making stuff.

Fortunately, there’s now a better solution.

Unlock my entire royalty-free music library with one payment

Upgrade to the Unlimited Plan and get unrestricted access to my complete boutique collection of diverse royalty-free music (including the new songs I add weekly).

  • Enjoy unlimited downloads

    As an Unlimited customer, you’ll be able to instantly stream and download any track (as a 24 bit / 44.1 kHz WAV file) in my library — and then use my songs however you want, as many times as you need, forever, even if you cancel. Ah… there’s nothing like the smell of simplicity in the morning.

  • Discover the perfect track with ease

    More isn’t always better. I prioritize quality over quantity so you don’t have to spend hours digging through “meh” to find “aw, yeah!” Plus, you can sort songs by genre, mood, instrument, and other details. Don’t have time to browse? Just tell me what you’re looking for — I’m happy to help.

  • Connect with the composer

    Most royalty-free music is licensed by third parties that pocket up to 50% of each transaction — leaving the actual artists with a meager profit. But at Music for Makers, you’ll directly support the guy making each song (me). So your dollar will make a difference.

  • Wave goodbye to restrictions

    A completely copyright-cleared catalog (translation: no YouTube claim headaches), a straightforward royalty-free music license, total freedom to use songs in projects you get paid for, no attribution required… you’ll quickly forget what a pain music licensing used to be.

  • Customize songs to suit your needs

    Want help tailoring one of my tracks to better fit your project? Just let me know. Basic customizations — from adjusting track length to removing instruments — are included under the Unlimited Plan.

Frequently asked questions (and answers)

Can I really use the music however I want?

Yep. One price for unlimited possibilities — whether you’re a YouTuber with five million subscribers, a video production studio, or my mom. (Hi, mom.)

How big is the royalty-free music library?

My library currently contains more than 235 songs, and I add a new track every week. As an Unlimited customer, you’ll get access to each one (along with everything else currently in the library).

What if I want to cancel?

The Unlimited Plan automatically renews every year on the anniversary of your original purchase. You can deactivate auto-renewal (i.e., cancel the plan) in the “Subscription Details” section of your account.

What about refunds?

Because you can’t truly return a digital product, I don’t officially offer refunds. That said, I’ve been known to make exceptions. For example, if your plan renews but you intended to cancel, I’ll issue a refund as long as you haven’t downloaded any music since the renewal.

Do the music licenses expire?

Nope. Even if you cancel, your music licenses will remain valid — they’re yours to use forever.

Do I have to include attribution?

No. Crediting Music for Makers is always appreciated but never required.

Can I use the music in my ______?

You bet. See question one. Videos, films, podcasts, video games, advertising, book trailers, courses, guided meditations, presentations, and even photo slideshows of your cat are fair game.

Can I share my account with my team?

If you’re purchasing the Unlimited Plan for a business, anyone on your team can use the account to download music for work relating to that business.

Is there anything I can’t do?

Basically, you just can’t share or sell the song files themselves. (If you want to do that, ask me about sublicensing.) As long as you’re using the music in a larger work, such as a video, you’re golden. Besides that, just don’t be evil — you can’t use my music in anything that’s offensive or promotes hate or discrimination. For more pleasure reading, you can find my full music license here.

What if I have another question?

I’m impressed. This is a long FAQ section. Send over a message, and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

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I just subscribed for a year … You can download whatever you want. It’s really great.

Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson

I use Music for Makers for my theme music and music beds and I love it … helped an indie podcaster get nominated for a Webby.

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Emily Prokop
The Story Behind Podcast

It’s been a godsend for us … best product music library out there by far!

Simon Ball

Simon Ball
Blake House Cooperative
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Logan Nickleson

Thanks for supporting an indie maker! I know you have choices when it comes to sourcing royalty-free music for your projects, and I’m truly grateful for your business.
– Logan Nickleson, founder of Music for Makers