Want to increase the value of your video editing software, music streaming app, or similar tool while generating additional revenue streams?

Though my standard music license prohibits redistribution, I also offer a sublicensing option for businesses that want to enhance their products with my songs.

Music for Makers has greatly helped us in including high-quality music content into our video editing app, Videorama, with affordable prices and simple licensing options. A win-win both for our users and our indie studio!

Sublicensing: How to resell my royalty-free music 1

Sarp Erdag
Co-founder of Videorama

Music for Makers offers a great selection of indie, folk, and organic music styles. We offer a range of their tracks (to our users) within our online product.

Sublicensing: How to resell my royalty-free music 2

James MacGregor
CEO at Biteable

As a sublicensee, you’ll be able to sell (or give away) my music to your customers. So if you have a video production app, for example, you could create a premium background music bundle of my songs that your users must pay to unlock.

That’s just one example, of course. You could also use my music for an in-store radio, on-hold phone system, music streaming app, and a host of other projects.

All of my music is:

  • Copyright-cleared (i.e., safe for YouTube)
  • Approved for commercial use
  • Royalty-free
  • Exempt from PRO (performance rights organization) fees

Plus, attribution isn’t required!

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