Moments Before Sleep

Anchored by a soft, swelling chord progression on piano, “Moments Before Sleep” offers feelings of peace and restoration. Elevate your project with this track’s shimmering reverb and uplifting vibes.

From the Ashes

After a dark and escalating intro, “From the Ashes” transforms into an uplifting ballad of acoustic instruments in 3/4 time. Use this unpretentious tune to elevate your project with a sense of beauty.

Causal Loop

Beginning with simple harmonies, “Causal Loop” blossoms into a rich, uplifting tapestry of guitar, bass, synthesizer, and an electronic beat. Before the song ends, however, it trades this hopeful arrangement for an eerie, minor melody.


Slower and relatively short, “Canard” is a gentle classical piece consisting of strings, brass, woodwinds, and other orchestral instruments.


Beginning with a simple intro, “Impromptu” launches into a friendly, sunny arrangement of synthesizers, drums, and guitar. Use this song to give your project a unique, slightly quirky sound.

The Healer

After a gradual and emotional build up, “The Healer” blooms into a rich, full-bodied arrangement of classical instruments. Use this track to imbue your testimonial videos with a strong sense of opportunity and achievement.

The Homestead

Built atop a picked acoustic guitar riff, “The Homestead” features banjo, upright bass, hand percussion, and other folky instruments. The earthy song follows a relatively predictable structure, trading a darker progression in the verses for a more uplifting arrangement in the chorus.

Carried by a Winter Wind

A warm collection of classical instruments — including piano, strings, woodwinds, and brass — comprise “Carried by a Winter Wind.” Use this song to elevate your project with an air of delicate optimism.


Sequenced synthesizer, tambourine, and acoustic guitar give “Runaround” a unique, optimistic sound. The song’s structure consists of a catchy refrain and a slower, simpler bridge.