An immersive tune with sweeping ambient synth pads and a chill electronic beat, “Exit” will give your projects a generous dose of calm with a side helping of sci-fi. (Listening experience is best with headphones.)


Escape to a delicious world of beefy bass lines, soft synths, and ’80s-era vibes. “Persona” is a short, laidback tune featuring two cohesive progressions and creamy mix of electronic instruments.

Was It All a Dream?

Take your project to that formless place between wakefulness and sleep with this soundtrack of unreality. “Was It All a Dream?” features a warbly synthesizer, mechanical Mellotron strings, and other curious tones. Though most of the song follows a neutral melody, things end on a darker note as the arrangement fades into oblivion.

Thanks for Playing

What do you get when you mix a bold beat, flute, and Transformer sounds? The laid back yet eclectic tune that is “Thanks for Playing.” As a seamless loop, this track will accommodate a wide range of projects.

Moments Before Sleep

Anchored by a soft, swelling chord progression on piano, “Moments Before Sleep” offers feelings of peace and restoration. Elevate your project with this track’s shimmering reverb and uplifting vibes.

Planetary Beings

A soft, arpeggiated synthesizer gives “Planetary Beings” its signature out-of-this-world sound. Use it to suggest feelings of both promise and mystery in your projects.

Causal Loop

Beginning with simple harmonies, “Causal Loop” blossoms into a rich, uplifting tapestry of guitar, bass, synthesizer, and an electronic beat. Before the song ends, however, it trades this hopeful arrangement for an eerie, minor melody.


Calm and introspective, “Southbound” is a soft and simple tune without many surprises. Use it when your next project calls for a relaxing sense of chill.

Optimistic Nihilist

Mixing the cheerful timbre of marimba with a melancholy melody, “Optimistic Nihilist” suggests both surrender and opportunity. The song has two main progressions. The second of these introduces an enthusiastic arrangement of harmonica and acoustic guitar.