Dripping with delay and atmospheric static, “Victoria” recreates the soft, dreamy experience of a rainy winter afternoon. Synth pads join lo-fi piano and distant percussion to form a cascading organic arrangement.

Morning in the Calla

Finger-picked acoustic guitar and soft piano make up this simple, rustic tune. Following an ABAB song structure, “Morning in the Calla” will bring a gentle energy to your project.


Piano, cello, and flute come together to form a mournful medley in “Matriarch.” But, after a brief pause, the song shifts sentiments, assuming a more optimistic outlook.

One Day

“One Day” consists of two progressions. The first is an uplifting arrangement in 3/4 time. The song then changes to a 4/4 time signature and gets a little folkier with a twangy banjo line and wistful string accompaniment.


Calm and introspective, “Southbound” is a soft and simple tune without many surprises. Use it when your next project calls for a relaxing sense of chill.

Optimistic Nihilist

Mixing the cheerful timbre of marimba with a melancholy melody, “Optimistic Nihilist” suggests both surrender and opportunity. The song has two main progressions. The second of these introduces an enthusiastic arrangement of harmonica and acoustic guitar.

So Long

“So Long” fuses the cool, precise timbre of electronic instruments with the warm, flawed twang of banjo. Beginning with a wistful electric organ melody, the song climbs, breaks for a simple bridge, and then finishes with a full, textured arrangement.


Comprised solely of acoustic instruments, “Prologue” is warm and gentle. First, an intimate fingerpicking pattern pulls you in. Then, a silky cello line carries you away to ride the waves of calm resolve.

What Might Have Been

Comprised purely of piano and atmospheric percussion, “What Might Have Been” begins with a slow, introspective arrangement and finishes with a cheerful, energetic composition.