Thanks for Playing

What do you get when you mix a bold beat, flute, and Transformer sounds? The laid back yet eclectic tune that is “Thanks for Playing.” As a seamless loop, this track will accommodate a wide range of projects.

Nix It

With delightful arpeggiated sequences and organic strings, “Nix It” is a friendly, relaxed seamless loop. Halfway through, the song breaks down into a cascading melody before returning to the refrain.

The Color Brigade

“The Color Brigade” is a percussive song with a mischievous melody and syncopated rhythm. The seamless loop balances manufactured sounds with more natural ones, such as beatboxing and a brass quartet.

Fenced In

Beginning with a moody scale performed on an acoustic guitar, “Fenced In” grows gradually with synth bass, banjo, and an electronic beat before transitioning into a brighter, more uplifting arrangement. This repeats before the song closes on a darker note with rapid banjo fingerpicking and aggressive guitar strumming. This song is a seamless loop.

Step One

“Step One” features pulsating synths, a prominent beat, arpeggiated sequences, deep bass, and other trademarks of EDM music. Use this seamless loop to give your project an eerie, electronic feel.

Vacation Days

With off-kilter percussion, catchy piano, and sharp shifts in energy, “Vacation Days” is a lot of things. (But boring isn’t one of them.) This track is a seamless loop.


Energy made audible, “Legacy” sounds simultaneously robotic and human. With a stair-step crescendo, the song builds excitement and tension while maintaining a sense of raw authenticity. It peaks with crashing drums, distorted synth, arpeggiated guitar, and more. This track is a seamless loop.

Into the Fold

A Latin-inspired conga groove acts as the spine of this relatively subdued tune. But “Into the Fold” also features guitars, organ, bass, drums, and piano. The result is an interesting, multi-genre seamless loop.

Whale in the Desert

With fingerpicked acoustic guitar, piano, accordion, and other instruments, “Whale in the Desert” is at once both calming and uplifting. Following a traditional verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure, the seamless loop offers varying degrees of momentum and intricacy.