Subsonic synthesizer is the driving force behind “Invasion” — a menacing electronic tune. Following a single melody that grows in complexity over time, this track would make for a great futuristic-sounding theme song.


Rev up your project with “Checkmate.” Dueling guitars and driving drums give this high-energy rock song its forceful, rabble-rousing sound.

The Shallows

Lean and mean, “The Shallows” will make your projects more lively. The short but intense rock tune features distorted guitars, fuzzy bass, and meaty drums.

Silver Star

“Silver Star” pulls no punches. The fast-paced rock song features a lively mix of guitar, bass, drums, and synthesizer in 3/4 time. Use it when your project needs a little extra spunk.

(Many Other Functions)

About halfway through, this relatively inconspicuous electronic track turns into what’s probably the closest thing to dub step I’ve ever made — largely thanks to a dirty saw synth wobble. That said, it’s still pretty mild. You can think of “(Many Other Functions)” as a gateway dub step tune: edgy, yet still gentle enough for general audiences.

Making Mayhem

Combining a bluesy guitar riff with beefy distortion and punchy drums, “Making Mayhem” is a rebellious rock ‘n’ roll tune with a bad attitude.

Mercurial Tendencies

Raw power and loud guitars succumb to an amorphous, ambient flow in “Mercurial Tendencies.” Use the juxtaposed arrangements to create contrast in your project.

Full Throttle

With only four instrument tracks, “Full Throttle” is a simple arrangement. But don’t let that fool you. This high-octane tune will kick your project into the next gear.

Change of Pace

A slow rocker, “Change of Pace” consists of shimmering harmonics, resounding guitars, no nonsense drums, oscillating organ, and beefy bass. The solemn song starts simply before erupting into a powerful arrangement dripping with effects.