Crisp acoustic guitar, carefree banjo, and dynamic percussion give “Wonderland” a strong, sunny sound. Try using the friendly tune to brighten your next project.

From the Ashes

After a dark and escalating intro, “From the Ashes” transforms into an uplifting ballad of acoustic instruments in 3/4 time. Use this unpretentious tune to elevate your project with a sense of beauty.

One Day

“One Day” consists of two progressions. The first is an uplifting arrangement in 3/4 time. The song then changes to a 4/4 time signature and gets a little folkier with a twangy banjo line and wistful string accompaniment.

The Homestead

Built atop a picked acoustic guitar riff, “The Homestead” features banjo, upright bass, hand percussion, and other folky instruments. The earthy song follows a relatively predictable structure, trading a darker progression in the verses for a more uplifting arrangement in the chorus.

False Spring

Centering around bright banjo and brush-played drums, “False Spring” begins with a gradual, uplifting crescendo which gives way to an energetic refrain full of character. These two progressions then repeat, ultimately finishing with a triumphant arrangement featuring trumpet.

So Long

“So Long” fuses the cool, precise timbre of electronic instruments with the warm, flawed twang of banjo. Beginning with a wistful electric organ melody, the song climbs, breaks for a simple bridge, and then finishes with a full, textured arrangement.

The Jig Is Up

With a simple xylophone melody as its backbone, this track’s emotional theme seesaws between resignation and hope. Meanwhile, a strong, steady beat and acoustic instruments keep “The Jig Is Up” consistent, yet novel.

Days Gone By

An honest acoustic guitar melody forms the foundation of “Days Gone By,” a nostalgic, upbeat tune. As the song progresses, other organic instruments — including banjo, accordion, strings, and more — join the mix to create a rich, yet down-to-earth arrangement.

Fenced In

Beginning with a moody scale performed on an acoustic guitar, “Fenced In” grows gradually with synth bass, banjo, and an electronic beat before transitioning into a brighter, more uplifting arrangement. This repeats before the song closes on a darker note with rapid banjo fingerpicking and aggressive guitar strumming. This song is a seamless loop.


Featuring crisp acoustic instruments, “Vernal” consists of two distinct arrangements — one fast and jubilant, the other slow and contemplative. Use its organic vibes to bring life to your project.