Turtle Bay

“Turtle Bay” is a bright tune featuring lighthearted hand percussion and a cheerful mix of folk instruments. Use this track to give your project a happy-go-lucky vibe.


“Reawakening” begins with a mesmerizing sitar drone and scattered picked notes. After more than two minutes of this meditative mix, the song unexpectedly transitions into a faster Eastern-inspired arrangement. Two opposing progressions, twice as nice.

The Jig Is Up

With a simple xylophone melody as its backbone, this track’s emotional theme seesaws between resignation and hope. Meanwhile, a strong, steady beat and acoustic instruments keep “The Jig Is Up” consistent, yet novel.


Beginning with an urban beat, this track swiftly shifts directions. An eccentric mix of exotic instruments unfolds, calling to mind the colorful energy of a crowded marketplace while maintaining a groove-worthy undercurrent. Elevate your project with the celebratory and impish spirit of “Ringtail.”

Trail of Transcendence

“Trail of Transcendence” features an intriguing collection of traditional Indian instruments. Use it as a hypnotic, droning music bed to create an exotic, mysterious atmosphere for your project.

The Café

Give your project a little pep with “The Café,” a catchy Cuban tune with a dynamic mix of folk instruments. Warning: This song may cause spontaneous dancing.

Mischief in the Streets

With a comedic collection of brass instruments, melodica, upright bass, drums, and piano, this silly song will help lighten the mood of your project. Ready to get a little goofy?

Good Things

Whimsical and full of life, “Good Things” is a lighthearted acoustic track riddled with hand percussion. Use it to give your project a bright, mirthful sound and a steady rhythm.

Cinder and Smoke

Does your project need an exotic flair? Let “Cinder and Smoke” take you to foreign lands. Flute, violin, and guitar harmonies create an element of mystery and intrigue, while a sitar drone and eclectic percussion give this dark song continuity.