“Stop-and-Go” combines two distinctive yet cohesive fusion progressions. The song begins and ends with an exciting and gritty funk rock arrangement. But sandwiched in between is a gentler jazzy number with dynamic piano, saxophone, and Latin undertones.

Turtle Bay

“Turtle Bay” is a bright tune featuring lighthearted hand percussion and a cheerful mix of folk instruments. Use this track to give your project a happy-go-lucky vibe.

The Void

An entrancing, wobbly loop anchors this reverberating synthetic piece as ambient pads and distant hand drums round out the arrangement. “The Void” would serve well as a trippy background song for a psychedelic or experimental project.


“Reawakening” begins with a mesmerizing sitar drone and scattered picked notes. After more than two minutes of this meditative mix, the song unexpectedly transitions into a faster Eastern-inspired arrangement. Two opposing progressions, twice as nice.

Trail of Transcendence

“Trail of Transcendence” features an intriguing collection of traditional Indian instruments. Use it as a hypnotic, droning music bed to create an exotic, mysterious atmosphere for your project.

High Impact

“High Impact” combines electronic and acoustic instruments to create a sound that’s both youthful and distinguished. Try using this song’s strong, punchy beat to make your jump cuts more powerful.

Good Things

Whimsical and full of life, “Good Things” is a lighthearted acoustic track riddled with hand percussion. Use it to give your project a bright, mirthful sound and a steady rhythm.

Cinder and Smoke

Does your project need an exotic flair? Let “Cinder and Smoke” take you to foreign lands. Flute, violin, and guitar harmonies create an element of mystery and intrigue, while a sitar drone and eclectic percussion give this dark song continuity.

Into the Fold

A Latin-inspired conga groove acts as the spine of this relatively subdued tune. But “Into the Fold” also features guitars, organ, bass, drums, and piano. The result is an interesting, multi-genre seamless loop.

The Pit

“The Pit” builds gradually: First, there’s a simple hand drum rhythm layered over an ambient drone. Next comes drums, piano, violin, and cello before the song ultimately bursts into a dark but alluring theme. After collapsing to a brief bridge featuring a lone guitar melody, the song returns to and ends with the main theme.