“Stop-and-Go” combines two distinctive yet cohesive fusion progressions. The song begins and ends with an exciting and gritty funk rock arrangement. But sandwiched in between is a gentler jazzy number with dynamic piano, saxophone, and Latin undertones.

Witching Hour

Full of thrills and chills, “Witching Hour” is a spooky soundtrack with sneaky undertones. The song opens with a busy mix of eclectic instruments and paranormal sound effects before downshifting to a jazzy arrangement in 3/4 time. Then, after a blood-curdling scream, the tune returns to its mischievous motif.


Soulful and satisfied, “Cruisin'” follows a feel-good piano melody that’s supported by funky guitar riffs, a jazzy bass line, and a groovy beat.

Under Cover of Night

“Under Cover of Night” is a sultry, satisfying jazz number. Driven by moody double bass, the song grows to stimulating heights with strings, accented drums, and acoustic guitar.

The Café

Give your project a little pep with “The Café,” a catchy Cuban tune with a dynamic mix of folk instruments. Warning: This song may cause spontaneous dancing.

There’s No Time

Give your project that funky feeling with “There’s No Time” — a brief, busy jam featuring trumpet, guitar, bass, and drums. Off-the-cuff instrumentation provides the song with life and personality.

The Search Continues

Though predominantly drum-driven, “The Search Continues” features a mix of piano, acoustic guitar, upright bass, and classical strings. With a simple progression and subtle jazz undertones, this track would work well for a variety of projects.


After a brief lead-in featuring only drums, “Masquerade” blooms into a catchy jazz number with electric guitar, upright bass, and piano, trumpet, and organ.

The Fountain

“The Fountain” is a chill tune driven by piano. Featuring jazzy elements, such as acoustic guitar and upright bass, it’s well-suited for projects that need a groovy vibe.