So It Goes

Led by a simple piano melody, “So It Goes” is a soft rock song featuring laid-back acoustic instrumentation. The arrangement consists of a down-to-earth refrain and crescendoing bridge.

Turtle Bay

“Turtle Bay” is a bright tune featuring lighthearted hand percussion and a cheerful mix of folk instruments. Use this track to give your project a happy-go-lucky vibe.

Was It All a Dream?

Take your project to that formless place between wakefulness and sleep with this soundtrack of unreality. “Was It All a Dream?” features a warbly synthesizer, mechanical Mellotron strings, and other curious tones. Though most of the song follows a neutral melody, things end on a darker note as the arrangement fades into oblivion.

Open Road

“Open Road” is a folk tune with attitude. Following a standard ABAB song form, the arrangement features acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and accordion.


Soulful and satisfied, “Cruisin'” follows a feel-good piano melody that’s supported by funky guitar riffs, a jazzy bass line, and a groovy beat.

Now the Work Begins

Driven by an easygoing picking pattern, “Now the Work Begins” offers a joyous, bustling arrangement of acoustic instruments. Use this track to give your project an uplifting vibe.


Featuring funky percussion and bubbly guitar riffs, “Relativity” is a fun indie rock song that could add a little pep to your project. Plus, the track’s two versatile arrangements present a number of creative possibilities.

Good Things

Whimsical and full of life, “Good Things” is a lighthearted acoustic track riddled with hand percussion. Use it to give your project a bright, mirthful sound and a steady rhythm.


Glitched-out and easygoing, “Electrophonic” features sporadic arpeggiator sequences, distorted drums, and other fun sounds. Through its multiple progressions, the song maintains a steady pace and intensity — making it an ideal choice for background music. Use this track to give your project a light-hearted, quirky vibe.