Alter Ego

Between the punchy marimba and caffeinated percussion, “Alter Ego” is probably best described as organized chaos. This song may not fit neatly into any one genre. But it’ll certainly make your project sound bright and energetic.

Optimistic Nihilist

Mixing the cheerful timbre of marimba with a melancholy melody, “Optimistic Nihilist” suggests both surrender and opportunity. The song has two main progressions. The second of these introduces an enthusiastic arrangement of harmonica and acoustic guitar.

Bucketful of Bad Ideas

Drawing from elements of island music — such as marimba and steel drum — “Bucketful of Bad Ideas” is a light, carefree tune. It’s the perfect choice for projects that need a little “don’t worry; be happy” vibe.


Carried by a carefree marimba melody, this seamless loop has some cool “under-the-sea” vibes. In addition to the marimba, you’ll hear accordion, electric guitar, bass, drums and triangle.