So It Goes

Led by a simple piano melody, “So It Goes” is a soft rock song featuring laid-back acoustic instrumentation. The arrangement consists of a down-to-earth refrain and crescendoing bridge.


Rev up your project with “Checkmate.” Dueling guitars and driving drums give this high-energy rock song its forceful, rabble-rousing sound.

The Shallows

Lean and mean, “The Shallows” will make your projects more lively. The short but intense rock tune features distorted guitars, fuzzy bass, and meaty drums.

Long-Distance Caller

If grunge and pop had a love child, it might sound something like “Long-Distance Caller.” It combines many signature sounds of early nineties rock — such as a detuned chorus effect and heavy distortion on guitars — with an uplifting chord structure.

Silver Star

“Silver Star” pulls no punches. The fast-paced rock song features a lively mix of guitar, bass, drums, and synthesizer in 3/4 time. Use it when your project needs a little extra spunk.

Making Mayhem

Combining a bluesy guitar riff with beefy distortion and punchy drums, “Making Mayhem” is a rebellious rock ‘n’ roll tune with a bad attitude.

Mercurial Tendencies

Raw power and loud guitars succumb to an amorphous, ambient flow in “Mercurial Tendencies.” Use the juxtaposed arrangements to create contrast in your project.

Old Patterns

Busy — but not overbearing — “Old Patterns” is a ’90s-era rock tune featuring guitar, organ, bass, and drums. Try using it to energize your next project.

Finish Line

An unfettered garage rock song, “Finish Line” features fuzzy guitars, pulsating bass, accented drums, and bright piano. The track follows a fairly predictable progression, breaking in the middle for a slightly softer bridge.