A hybrid of classical and modern sounds, “Creatures” delivers dramatic vibes at an exciting pace. Use this track when you want your projects to feel elegant, yet powerful.

The Shallows

Lean and mean, “The Shallows” will make your projects more lively. The short but intense rock tune features distorted guitars, fuzzy bass, and meaty drums.

The Forbidden Forest

“The Forbidden Forest” offers epic orchestral instrumentation — including woodwinds, brass, strings, choir vocals, and percussion — with sinister undertones. Use it to give your project a magical, mysterious sound.

The Afterglow

“The Afterglow” is a thrilling cinematic score featuring emotive piano, somber strings, epic percussion, and more. Use this high-energy song to raise the stakes in your next project.

Darkest Before Dawn

“Darkest Before Dawn” begins with a slow, lonely mix of acoustic guitar, slide guitar, and harmonica. But then it transforms into a bright, upbeat folk arrangement featuring banjo, hand percussion, drums, and more. Could be useful if you’re trying to juxtapose two scenes with a single song.

The Return

Anchored by a simple lead guitar riff, “The Return” quickly dives into an intense indie rock composition. About halfway through the song, the energy climaxes and then scales back with a slow, single-guitar outro. This track draws from a diverse emotional palette, giving you several different moods and tones to work with.

The Final Dawn

Give your project the sound of a Hollywood action blockbuster with “The Final Dawn,” an epic movie trailer track. Battle drums, dark synthesizer, and aggressive swells will fill your viewers with adrenaline and anticipation.

Another Time and Place

A satisfyingly dark score, “Another Time and Place” features classic instruments, including piano, strings, and acoustic guitar. The song’s cinematic build-up could add drama and passion to your project.


Violin and bass establish the foreboding theme of this suspenseful seamless loop, while accompanying piano and electronic percussion add extra dynamism.