An immersive tune with sweeping ambient synth pads and a chill electronic beat, “Exit” will give your projects a generous dose of calm with a side helping of sci-fi. (Listening experience is best with headphones.)

Sugar Plum Jangle

Add a little spice to your holiday project with “Sugar Plum Jangle.” This piano-driven number features Christmas song standbys, including sleigh-bells, orchestral accompaniment, and a bright melody. But an energetic hip-hop beat puts the catchy tune in a genre all its own.


Escape to a delicious world of beefy bass lines, soft synths, and ’80s-era vibes. “Persona” is a short, laidback tune featuring two cohesive progressions and creamy mix of electronic instruments.


A hybrid of classical and modern sounds, “Creatures” delivers dramatic vibes at an exciting pace. Use this track when you want your projects to feel elegant, yet powerful.

New Normal

Bob your head along to “New Normal.” Comprised of synthesizers and drum machine, this retro electronic piece will give whatever you’re working on a delightfully innocent sound.

Foreign Body

Though it starts with a somber chord progression, “Foreign Body” ultimately launches into an exhilarating electronic arrangement. Give your project a jolt with fast piano arpeggios, oscillating synthesizers, and a danceable drum beat.

Thanks for Playing

What do you get when you mix a bold beat, flute, and Transformer sounds? The laid back yet eclectic tune that is “Thanks for Playing.” As a seamless loop, this track will accommodate a wide range of projects.

Does Not Compute

With a menacing synthesizer riff, “Does Not Compute” is an edgy electronic piece that could heighten the sense of energy and danger in your next project.

Modern Age

Beginning with a bit-crushed beat and staticky synthesizer, “Modern Age” is one of a kind. Halfway through, the electronic arrangement unexpectedly breaks for a dramatic classical interlude. The two styles then join together for an epic finale.

The Void

An entrancing, wobbly loop anchors this reverberating synthetic piece as ambient pads and distant hand drums round out the arrangement. “The Void” would serve well as a trippy background song for a psychedelic or experimental project.