A tune of fright and delight, “Munsters” centers around a menacing piano melody. Church organ and theremin give the song a paranormal vibe, while an uncomplicated drum beat ties it all together.

Sugar Plum Jangle

Add a little spice to your holiday project with “Sugar Plum Jangle.” This piano-driven number features Christmas song standbys, including sleigh-bells, orchestral accompaniment, and a bright melody. But an energetic hip-hop beat puts the catchy tune in a genre all its own.

Witching Hour

Full of thrills and chills, “Witching Hour” is a spooky soundtrack with sneaky undertones. The song opens with a busy mix of eclectic instruments and paranormal sound effects before downshifting to a jazzy arrangement in 3/4 time. Then, after a blood-curdling scream, the tune returns to its mischievous motif.

There’s Magic in the Air

With playful percussion, smooth lead guitar, bright piano, and a family-friendly acoustic melody, “There’s Magic in the Air” is jolly enough for a Christmas project (but also generic enough for non-holiday work, too).

Bump in the Night

Equal parts mischievous and sinister, “Bump in the Night” features strings, brass, flute, and a host of haunting noises to spookify your project.

The Forbidden Forest

“The Forbidden Forest” offers epic orchestral instrumentation — including woodwinds, brass, strings, choir vocals, and percussion — with sinister undertones. Use it to give your project a magical, mysterious sound.

Morning Miracle

Rich in sound and spirit, “Morning Miracle” is a glorious arrangement that’s particularly well-suited for Christmas-related projects. Use this cheerful song’s multiple progressions and build-ups to give your audience the gifts of joy and wonder.


Haunting and suspenseful, “Premonition” could serve as the perfectly frightening trailer music for a thriller or horror project. In the short track, a gradual crescendo builds suspense while eerie synthesizers, toy piano, and spooky noises create a sense of lurking danger.

Season of Cheer

“Season of Cheer” features the trademarks of traditional Christmas music. Piano, upright bass, epic orchestration, acoustic guitar, a 3/4 time signature, and, of course, sleigh bells — this song has it all. Use it to inject your project with a little holiday cheer.