A hybrid of classical and modern sounds, “Creatures” delivers dramatic vibes at an exciting pace. Use this track when you want your projects to feel elegant, yet powerful.

Foreign Body

Though it starts with a somber chord progression, “Foreign Body” ultimately launches into an exhilarating electronic arrangement. Give your project a jolt with fast piano arpeggios, oscillating synthesizers, and a danceable drum beat.

Outside of Time

Want to give your project a sense of grandeur? Comprised solely of a small string ensemble, “Outside of Time” is a compelling classical composition with two distinct, passionate movements.

Modern Age

Beginning with a bit-crushed beat and staticky synthesizer, “Modern Age” is one of a kind. Halfway through, the electronic arrangement unexpectedly breaks for a dramatic classical interlude. The two styles then join together for an epic finale.


In “Epoch,” four instruments come together to create a dramatic sense of gravity and tension. The song begins slowly with piano and quickly grows in both body and intensity with the addition of double bass, violin, and trumpet.

Bump in the Night

Equal parts mischievous and sinister, “Bump in the Night” features strings, brass, flute, and a host of haunting noises to spookify your project.

Rising Triumph

Comprised of classical instruments, “Rising Triumph” begins with dark and moody orchestration. About halfway through, the arrangement brightens before ramping up to a legendary conclusion.

The Afterglow

“The Afterglow” is a thrilling cinematic score featuring emotive piano, somber strings, epic percussion, and more. Use this high-energy song to raise the stakes in your next project.

Meant for More

“Meant for More” is an aspirational, cinematic score. With a gradual, moving buildup of piano, strings, horns, orchestral drums, and more, it will give your project a larger-than-life sound.