Crisp acoustic guitar, carefree banjo, and dynamic percussion give “Wonderland” a strong, sunny sound. Try using the friendly tune to brighten your next project.

Open Road

“Open Road” is a folk tune with attitude. Following a standard ABAB song form, the arrangement features acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and accordion.


“Reawakening” begins with a mesmerizing sitar drone and scattered picked notes. After more than two minutes of this meditative mix, the song unexpectedly transitions into a faster Eastern-inspired arrangement. Two opposing progressions, twice as nice.

Now the Work Begins

Driven by an easygoing picking pattern, “Now the Work Begins” offers a joyous, bustling arrangement of acoustic instruments. Use this track to give your project an uplifting vibe.

The Fading Light

A simple song comprised only of acoustic guitar and melodeon, “The Fading Light” drifts gently with a modest fingerpicking pattern. Try using this track to suggest closure or finality in your project.

Days Gone By

An honest acoustic guitar melody forms the foundation of “Days Gone By,” a nostalgic, upbeat tune. As the song progresses, other organic instruments — including banjo, accordion, strings, and more — join the mix to create a rich, yet down-to-earth arrangement.

Pipe Dream

With a stark start, “Pipe Dream” builds gradually upon a methodical, punchy acoustic guitar riff. As drums, electric guitar, bass, harmonium, and other instruments join in, the simple song adopts a hopeful sound, conveying a feeling of yearning.

Clay Man

A rhythmic guitar melody is the driving force behind “Clay Man” — a simple arrangement of acoustic instruments. The song is a little reckless, conveying a sense of carefree energy. Use it to lift the mood in your next project.

Vacation Days

With off-kilter percussion, catchy piano, and sharp shifts in energy, “Vacation Days” is a lot of things. (But boring isn’t one of them.) This track is a seamless loop.

Light Up the Night

Lift spirits with this holiday-inspired pop track. Acoustic instruments give “Light Up the Night” a warm, organic sound, while sleigh bells add a hint of Christmas joy.