So It Goes

Led by a simple piano melody, “So It Goes” is a soft rock song featuring laid-back acoustic instrumentation. The arrangement consists of a down-to-earth refrain and crescendoing bridge.


Calm and introspective, “Southbound” is a soft and simple tune without many surprises. Use it when your next project calls for a relaxing sense of chill.


Sequenced synthesizer, tambourine, and acoustic guitar give “Runaround” a unique, optimistic sound. The song’s structure consists of a catchy refrain and a slower, simpler bridge.

The Quiet Restoration

With electric piano, manufactured percussion, warm cello, and arpeggiated synthesizer, “The Quiet Restoration” is a chilled out, introspective tune that both relaxes and uplifts. The song’s strong rhythm is ideal for quick, beat-synced cuts.

Technicolor Days

“Technicolor Days” is a bright, happy song featuring a host of instruments — including electric piano, hand percussion, violin, trumpet, and more. The song consists of two catchy progressions that will elevate your project’s energy and mood.

Beginning of the End

“Beginning of the End” is an eccentric trip hop tune featuring downtempo trademarks — such as lo-fi drum machine, sub-bass synth, and electric piano — plus a few surprises (hello, opera vocals).

Morning Miracle

Rich in sound and spirit, “Morning Miracle” is a glorious arrangement that’s particularly well-suited for Christmas-related projects. Use this cheerful song’s multiple progressions and build-ups to give your audience the gifts of joy and wonder.

The Aftermath

Simultaneously conveying finality and the determination to carry on, “The Aftermath” is a piano ballad bursting with feeling. Building anticipation, the song’s gradual layering of classical instrumentation communicates a heartfelt loss and — in spite of that loss — a glimpse of hope for a new beginning.

Next Time

Life throws you curveballs. “Next Time” — poignant and carefully optimistic — is a tribute to the decision to carry on. Mellow acoustic guitar and enthusiastic drums drive this track while strings, keys, and bass accentuate its warm vibe.


“Steelhead” is driven by cool electric piano and vibrant drums. But tinny, antique vinyl-esque strings give the song its signature sound. The track starts forcefully, dials back, and finally returns to a full-strength arrangement featuring acoustic guitar, synthesizer, and piano.