“Elevation” is a fun folk song built atop an uplifting acoustic guitar progression. When you want your project to feel more optimistic, give this bright tune a try.

Optimistic Nihilist

Mixing the cheerful timbre of marimba with a melancholy melody, “Optimistic Nihilist” suggests both surrender and opportunity. The song has two main progressions. The second of these introduces an enthusiastic arrangement of harmonica and acoustic guitar.

Warm Nights, City Lights

“Warm Nights, City Lights” features a spirited mix of acoustic instruments, including guitar, drums, and harmonica. Use it to give your project a cordial, down-to-earth sound reminiscent of summer nights on the town.


With a brooding beginning and an exultant ending, “Crucible” is a a little capricious. Acoustic guitar guides the melody, while other folky instruments — including harmonica, tack piano, and hand percussion — round out the song. This track would be well-suited for a transformative scene in your project.

Darkest Before Dawn

“Darkest Before Dawn” begins with a slow, lonely mix of acoustic guitar, slide guitar, and harmonica. But then it transforms into a bright, upbeat folk arrangement featuring banjo, hand percussion, drums, and more. Could be useful if you’re trying to juxtapose two scenes with a single song.

Cool Nights

Throughout “Cool Nights,” various instruments join and leave the mix to create an interesting but cohesive progression. Listen for the song’s unique elements, such as harpsichord at the start and a harmonica-driven bridge near the end.

Red Earth

Inspired by the barren expanse of land near the Arizona-California border, “Red Earth” borrows musical themes from virtually every western film. (But an electronic beat presents them in a fresh way.) Harmonica, acoustic guitar, trumpet, and other classic instruments take you back to a time when life was simple — but hard. Feel the dry desert air tightening your skin. Endure the hot sun beating down on your back. Breathe deep the beautiful desolation. An epic adventure awaits you.


With folky trademarks like stomps and claps, harmonica, tack piano, and acoustic guitar, “Jubilee” is a friendly, happy-sounding song. This track is a seamless loop.


Inject your project with a little melancholy with “Diamonds,” a seamless loop driven by acoustic guitar and harmonica.