Rev up your project with “Checkmate.” Dueling guitars and driving drums give this high-energy rock song its forceful, rabble-rousing sound.


Crisp acoustic guitar, carefree banjo, and dynamic percussion give “Wonderland” a strong, sunny sound. Try using the friendly tune to brighten your next project.

Was It All a Dream?

Take your project to that formless place between wakefulness and sleep with this soundtrack of unreality. “Was It All a Dream?” features a warbly synthesizer, mechanical Mellotron strings, and other curious tones. Though most of the song follows a neutral melody, things end on a darker note as the arrangement fades into oblivion.

Dandelion Theory

An ode to sunshine and springtime, “Dandelion Theory” is a bright medley that features harmonizing acoustic guitar riffs. Use this track to breathe more life into your projects.

The Homestead

Built atop a picked acoustic guitar riff, “The Homestead” features banjo, upright bass, hand percussion, and other folky instruments. The earthy song follows a relatively predictable structure, trading a darker progression in the verses for a more uplifting arrangement in the chorus.

Right-Hand Driver

With a punchy acoustic guitar riff and syncopated drum beat, “Right-Hand Driver” is a bold, quirky track. The song has two progressions that each repeat once. And the second time around, brass instruments join the mix, transforming the arrangement into a funky, feel-good tune.

Carried by a Winter Wind

A warm collection of classical instruments — including piano, strings, woodwinds, and brass — comprise “Carried by a Winter Wind.” Use this song to elevate your project with an air of delicate optimism.

There’s Magic in the Air

With playful percussion, smooth lead guitar, bright piano, and a family-friendly acoustic melody, “There’s Magic in the Air” is jolly enough for a Christmas project (but also generic enough for non-holiday work, too).

The Jig Is Up

With a simple xylophone melody as its backbone, this track’s emotional theme seesaws between resignation and hope. Meanwhile, a strong, steady beat and acoustic instruments keep “The Jig Is Up” consistent, yet novel.


With a brooding beginning and an exultant ending, “Crucible” is a a little capricious. Acoustic guitar guides the melody, while other folky instruments — including harmonica, tack piano, and hand percussion — round out the song. This track would be well-suited for a transformative scene in your project.