“Stop-and-Go” combines two distinctive yet cohesive fusion progressions. The song begins and ends with an exciting and gritty funk rock arrangement. But sandwiched in between is a gentler jazzy number with dynamic piano, saxophone, and Latin undertones.

Turtle Bay

“Turtle Bay” is a bright tune featuring lighthearted hand percussion and a cheerful mix of folk instruments. Use this track to give your project a happy-go-lucky vibe.

Witching Hour

Full of thrills and chills, “Witching Hour” is a spooky soundtrack with sneaky undertones. The song opens with a busy mix of eclectic instruments and paranormal sound effects before downshifting to a jazzy arrangement in 3/4 time. Then, after a blood-curdling scream, the tune returns to its mischievous motif.


Crisp acoustic guitar, carefree banjo, and dynamic percussion give “Wonderland” a strong, sunny sound. Try using the friendly tune to brighten your next project.

The Homestead

Built atop a picked acoustic guitar riff, “The Homestead” features banjo, upright bass, hand percussion, and other folky instruments. The earthy song follows a relatively predictable structure, trading a darker progression in the verses for a more uplifting arrangement in the chorus.

Days Gone By

An honest acoustic guitar melody forms the foundation of “Days Gone By,” a nostalgic, upbeat tune. As the song progresses, other organic instruments — including banjo, accordion, strings, and more — join the mix to create a rich, yet down-to-earth arrangement.

Hanging on Hope

The road may be long, but each step will take you closer to your destination. A song of persistence, “Hanging on Hope” moves through two different progressions, each featuring simple but compelling instrumentation: Slide electric guitar, percussive acoustic guitar, stair-step piano, booming bass, and modest drums.


“Roam” is an optimistic, carefree tune that captures the wonder and spontaneity of the quintessential summer road trip. Featuring a playful mix of percussion, guitar, synth, and organ, the song waxes and wanes in both energy and complexity. Where will this dynamic track take you?


Bouncy, bubbly, and a little eccentric, “Effervescent” features both electric and acoustic guitars, playful percussion, flute, and more. The majority of the song follows a light, happy theme. But things end on a slightly darker note.


“Traveler” opens with a simple fingerpicked guitar pattern accompanied by piano chords — a motif inspired by the feeling of waking with the rising sun. Then woodwinds, brass, strings, synth, and other elements join the mix, representing the journey’s promising start.